Project Description

This project in Windsor comprised an insurance rebuild after major structural movement. There had been a dispute between insurers and the owner for nearly 10 years until we became involved with a loss assessor which helped resolve matters and move the project forward.

The project involved a total demolition of the rear elevation with a full width rear extension and the two storey side extension. The original 1970s house appeared generally undamaged.
We helped obtain a financial settlement from insurers and then redesigned the house substantially as the owner wanted to take advantage of being moved out for 4 months and renovate the entire dwelling top to bottom.
The new structure included piled foundations to a depth of around 10m due to the ground conditions and then was completely reconstructed. New folding doors we installed to the rear and a modern kitchen and 2 new bathrooms installed.
Due to the piling we dealt with party wall awards with the adjoining homes.
We prepared detailed construction drawings, produced a full specification and obtained competitive prices from contractors. We acted as contract administrators during the works to monitor quality and cost. The project is currently on is nearing completion at the present time, take a look at some of our on site photos.
Project value : £250,000
Principal designer: Quatrefoils
Contract Administrator: Quatrefoils
Contractor: Stenball Ltd
Loss Assessor. CCM Certified Claims Management