At Quatrefoils we offer a range of Project Services to assist you with the successful monitoring and running of your project. Whether you are an inexperienced client who requires us to take control of your project and ensure its successful delivery in terms of time, cost and quality or if you are an experienced professional who simply requires our professional assistance, we can tailor our services to suit your needs.

Our professional fees are highly competitive, so please contact us for a quote or even if you simply wish to discuss your case further, we would be happy to provide some help and guidance.

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Project Services Overview

By employing a professional to manage and run your building project, you will have peace of mind that the project is being looked after and being monitored closely from all aspects of your build. In addition to this, employing a professional can result in cost savings, which can in some cases cover our professional fees.

Our extensive industry knowledge allows us to negotiate with the contractor for additional costs and variations, obtaining you a fair price for any additional and unforeseen work, which is essential for inexperienced clients.

Our Surveying team regularly use the JCT Suite of Building Contracts and can prepare and administrate the contract for your project, ensuring all the proper precautions are being implemented, carrying out interim valuations and progress monitoring as well as negotiating and agreeing the final account.

At Quatrefoils two of our key values are respect for others, and teamwork, both of which are essential in Project Management as the service revolves around people interaction and communication.

While we adopt a friendly demeanour, we understand the discipline levels required with each project and at all times remain professional with our clients requirements in mind at all times.

Lead Consultant / Employer’s Agent

It is often the case on complex projects that there will be a number of consultants employed in addition to the lead consultant. These could involve Structural Engineers, Mechanical and Electrical specialists, Health and Safety Supervisors, Planning Consultants, and or Architects to name but a few.

The lead consultant acts as a project manager to bring together all of the team to ensure that they work as one to deliver the project to the client. We act as the sole single point of contact for the client (unless otherwise agreed) and provide regular updates to the client.

As lead consultants, we are involved in the day-to-day running of the construction project. We are the team leaders analysing and reviewing proposals from the team to provide appropriate solutions to problems as and when they occur. Our role is to make decisions concerning the best way forward by acting as liaisons between the client and the consultancy team.

Our work involves dealing directly with the client to clearly understand their needs and provide professional and possible solutions for the clients consideration.

Some of our duties as Lead Consultant / Employer’s Agent mirror the role of contract administrator and include;

  • Co-coordinating and communicating with the project team and all the various employed professionals in the project team
  • Issuing Instructions
  • Liaising with the contractor during the construction phase and responding to requests for information
  • Managing variations, omissions and additions to the contract
  • Validating and certifying payments to the contractor
  • Reviewing and considering any claims or requests from the contractor
  • If required carry out snagging inspection
  • Arranging handover for the client
  • Issuing all contract certification including certificate of practical completion and certificate of making good defects
  • Agree the final account and issue signed final account summary

Contract Administration

The role of Contract Administrator is one that refers to the individual who is responsible for administering the construction contracts. This role is often undertaken either by the project architect or by the lead consultant or by another client representative / specialist consultant. The Contract Administrator is appointed by the client, however must act impartially and be professional in advising the client and the project team.

Contract Administration is a fundamental part of what we do and our Surveying Team have a wealth of experience in all types of construction projects from project inception to completion.

As we often act as both designer and Contract Administrator on many of our projects, we have a thorough understanding of the project which enables us to undertake both roles effectively. Whether the service is required as a part of a construction project or through maintenance works to a building, our team have experience working with clients in both public and private sectors, and work hard to make sure our client’s requirements are met. We have listed below the role of the Contract Administrator.

The role of Contract Administrator usually includes;

  • Preparation of the tender document, including specification and collating all tender documents and appendices from the project team (this can also be undertaken by the project architect/designer)
  • Inviting contractors to price the tender document
  • Carrying out tender analysis and report after tenders have been returned
  • Preparing Contract Documents for parties to sign
  • Issuing Contract Instruction throughout the project
  • Chairing pre-start meeting and progress meetings during the construction phase
  • Consider any claims or requests by the contractor / client
  • Issue progress reports / updates to the client and project team
  • Managing and arranging site inspections
  • Snagging / Reviewing Snagging Items and identify defects outstanding
  • Ensure all project documentation has been issued to the client for review
  • Issuing of all instructions and certification including interim certificates, practical completion certificate  and final certificate of making good defects

Pre and Post Contract Services

For simplicity, most contracts tend to be broken down into pre and post contract services in what is known as a two stage tender process. At Quatrefoils we can assist with both pre and post contract services acting as Lead Consultant and Contract Administrator. Here is a brief overview of the project stages:

Pre Contract Services

  • Stage 0 – Strategic Definition

Here we would identify the client’s brief and discuss a project programme. Initial discussions will be held at the town and country planning department if necessary.

  • Stage 1 – Preparation and Brief

The core objective here will be to develop the project objectives, including quality objectives project outcome, budget sustainability applications and other parameters along with any constraints to fully develop the initial project brief.

On larger projects we would undertake a feasibility study and review existing site information.

  • Stage 2 – Concept Design

The objective here is to prepare a concept design outlining the proposals for the structural design, building services systems and outline specification, along with preliminary cost information.

The final brief would be developed and specialist consultants would be brought on board.

  •  Stage 3 – Developed Design

Here we will prepare the developed design, coordinating and updating the proposals for the structural design and building services along with an outline specification and cost information in accordance with the design program.

The specialist consultants would all be on board and we would be acting as the lead consultant to pull the team together. At this stage it is likely that any risk assessment and health and safety issues that would also begin to be considered.

A planning application would be submitted at the end of this stage.

  • Stage 4 – Technical Design

Here we would be preparing a detailed technical design which would include all architectural, structural and building services information, specialist subcontractor design and specifications.

We would be working towards the submission of Building Regulations application at the end of this stage.

Tenders would also be prepared and submitted to contractors for pricing.

 Post Contract Services
  • Stage 5 – Construction

A contractor would be appointed after the Tender Analysis and a formal contract signed.

After a suitable lead in period, construction would commence. We would be administering the building contract, including regular inspections and financial control. Regular client and contractor meetings would be held and progress reviewed to keep to the plan.

  •  Stage 6 – Handover and Closeout

This occurs towards the end of the project and involves the concluding administration elements of the building contract and collating all the relevant maintenance manuals files and other information.

There would normally be a ‘Rectification Period‘ also known as ‘Defects Liability Period‘ of usually between 3 months and 1 year depending on the contract and the type of work undertaken.

Project Management

At Quatrefoils we often fuse the role of Employer’s Agent and Project Manager as many of the services overlap. We adopt this role and act as a specialist advisor for our clients and monitor works on site closely. Whilst we do not participate in the daily on site activities and logistics of site management and coordination (this is down to the main contractor), we do get involved with overall monitoring of daily progress and general project progress and cross reference this with project programmes.

We provide updates to clients on the overall project progress at various stages throughout the project (usually at progress meetings), however as we adopt a hands on approach we keep our clients updated on a regular basis and will be in touch immediately if any significant item arising. Our qualified surveyors are excellent problem solvers and adopt a dynamic approach when it comes to project management. Our passion for what we do means that we are enthusiastic and pro-active when it comes to managing and delivering a successful project. We inspire others involved in the project to work with us and all set out with the same goal in mind. Our fantastic leadership and negotiation skills means we are well suited to the Project Management Role and our Collaborative approach and teamwork mentality often result in a successful project delivery.

Please see full list below of what our role as Project Manager entails.

The Project Manager should be one of the client’s first appointments so they can assist in the early stages. Our role as Project Manager often includes;

  • Assist the client with formulating a project brief
  • Assist the client with appointing the project team
  • Produce a project programme highlighting the various pre and post contract stages of the project
  • Assist with value engineering at tender stage as well as risk management exercises and choice of procurement route
  • Assist with procuring the tender list
  • Monitor variations, omissions and additions in the contract and on site changes
  • Advise on dispute resolution procedures and processes
  • Monitor contractors construction phase project programme and correlate with overall project programme
  • Provide progress update reports to the client from inception to completion

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