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Drone Survey & Aerial Photography & Video

Improved time, cost and efficiency
Addresses safety, risk mitigation and accessibility issues
Accurate and detailed data capture
Improved time, cost and efficiency
Addresses safety, risk mitigation and accessibility issues
Accurate and detailed data capture

Introduction to Drone Surveys & Aerial Photography & Video

With a proven track record, merging the UAV and property/construction industrials, Quatrefoils are an exceptional provider of high-quality UAV aerial surveys for businesses and homeowners across the UK. Our cutting-edge drone technology allows us to access and capture data from hard-to-reach locations that would otherwise require significant time and expenses using conventional methods. By utilising our expertise in drone aerial surveying services, we offer fast, cost-effective, and safe surveys, providing you with a wealth of information and meticulous detail.

What sets us apart from other firms is our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service and superior results. Our experienced team of drone pilots and surveyors are equipped with high quality drone equipment and industry-leading image capture technology. This enables us to provide precise and high-resolution aerial photography and video footage for your building / project. We understand that every client’s needs are unique, so we tailor our surveys to meet your specific requirements, ensuring you receive the most relevant and valuable data.

Our comprehensive drone survey offers numerous benefits. Firstly, they provide unparalleled access to inaccessible or challenging areas, such as rooftops, tall structures, or hazardous environments, without compromising safety or incurring extensive costs. Our drones can swiftly navigate these spaces, capturing detailed visual information and collecting data with precision. Secondly, our efficient data processing capabilities allow for quick turnaround times, enabling you to make timely decisions and keep your projects on track. Lastly, our commitment to delivering exceptional quality means you receive detailed and accurate survey results, empowering you to make informed decisions with confidence.

At Quatrefoils, we take pride in our professionalism, reliability, and dedication to exceeding client expectations. Our extensive experience in the industry, coupled with our advanced drone technology and skilled team, sets us apart as the preferred choice for drone surveys and aerial photography. Discover the advantages of our services and unlock new possibilities for your projects.

Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements, and let us showcase how our drone survey and aerial photography services can provide incredible value for you. 

drone survey in action
drone surveys see into places otherwise missed
Drone survey services

Key Benefits of Drone Surveys

Safety: Certain areas of a building, such as rooftops or high floors, may be difficult or hazardous to access manually. Using a drone for surveying can help avoid the potential risk of injury or other accidents that could arise from attempting to access these areas.

Detailed Inspection: Drones can capture high-resolution images and video that can provide a detailed inspection of the building’s exterior and interior, which can be particularly helpful for identifying issues that are difficult to see or access from the ground.

Accessible Data Collection: A drone survey can collect data from hard-to-reach areas, such as the tops of chimneys or the undersides of bridges, providing more complete and accurate information than would be possible with traditional surveying methods.

Efficiency: Drone surveys can be conducted quickly and efficiently, reducing the time and resources needed for a traditional survey. This can be particularly helpful when surveying areas that are difficult to access, as it can save time and reduce the risk of delays or complications.

Minimal Disruption: Our drone is small – under 250g! It is non-invasive and you will hardly notice it is even there. 

No expensive scaffolding / cherry pickers: Traditional means of access would involve scaffolding / towers or cherry pickers which can prove extremely costs and often disproportionate for the reason for the survey. Thankfully there is no need for any temporary access with our drone surveys. 

Environmentally Friendly: Drones create minimal carbon emissions running on electricity and are far better for the planet than trucks that may be involved with more intrusive and expensive temporary access systems. 

Why choose Quatrefoils?

Extensive experience

our skilled team has a proven track record in delivering successful drone surveys for our clients. 

Collaborative approach

working closely with clients to meet their specific needs

Advanced Technology

we stay at the forefront of the industry by utilising the latest advancement in drone technology and equipment. 

Comprehensive Service Offering

we also offer a range of complimentary services such as 3d modeling, thermal imaging and mapping. 

Competitive pricing

without compromising on the quality. 

In-depth understanding

of the technology and techniques involved in drone surveying

At Quatrefoils, we believe that our combination of expertise, professionalism, and value make us the perfect choice for your next drone surveying project.

Compliant with CAA Regulations: Our drone team is fully compliant with Civil Aviation Authority regulations for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems, providing our clients with peace of mind knowing their projects are conducted safely and within the law.

Overall, drone surveys offer a versatile and effective solution for building inspection and survey work. They provide a safe, efficient, and cost-effective alternative to traditional surveying methods and are a valuable tool for any chartered building surveyor. 

Check out some of our blog posts below highlighting some of the key benefits to this incredible technology and see how enhances the quality and reach of our surveying services. 


Roof & High-Level Camera Surveys

In some instances, the use of a Drone is not feasible or appropriate (e.g. in high risk ‘no fly zones’, say close to airports). In these situations, our team utilise a telescopic inspection camera which reaches 10m, allowing close examination and inspection for roofs and hard-to-reach areas for most domestic properties and buildings under four storeys.  

The Telescopic Roof Inspection Camera is a cutting-edge tool that has been an incredible asset to our surveying team. With its extendable pole and high-quality zoom camera, it enables us to capture stunning images and videos with ease. The built-in Wi-Fi network allows us to view live images in real-time, streamlining the inspection process and providing you with a comprehensive view of the roof from a safe distance. Whether you need to inspect hard-to-reach areas or monitor the progress of a roofing project, this camera offers a convenient and efficient solution.

The equipment enables us to provide a cost-effective and advanced solution for capturing high-quality survey footage. Its ease of operation and transportation make it an ideal piece of kit for our team, eliminating the need for additional personnel or cumbersome equipment such as ladders, scaffolds, or cherry pickers. The telescopic pole can reach heights up to 10 meters, and the high-definition camera features a powerful zoom function, enabling a comprehensive survey without the need for towers or scaffolding. This equipment provides a practical and efficient way to inspect roofs, even in areas where traditional methods are not accessible.

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