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Stock Condition Survey

Identify repair needs, prioritise urgency
Reduces unexpected costs, enhances value
Meets regulations, informs renovation projects
Identify repair needs, prioritise urgency
Reduces unexpected costs, enhances value
Meets regulations, informs renovation projects

Introduction to stock condition survey

Uncovering the condition and value of your assets is crucial in making informed decisions. Our Stock Condition Survey provides an in-depth evaluation of your property, delivering a clear and concise overview of its current state, and identifying any issues that require attention. Trust our team of experts to deliver exceptional customer service and satisfaction, giving you peace of mind in your investment and decision making.

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Why get a stock condition survey?

A Stock Condition Survey is a comprehensive evaluation of a property
It provides a thorough understanding of the property's current condition and will highlight significant issues with the building
The survey helps organisations make effective use of their resources and minimise unexpected costs
Clients, particularly those maintaining social housing, can make informed decisions about their property assets and plan future maintenance and investment requirements
It identifies potential compliance-related issues such as health and safety, fire safety, and asbestos
It provides essential information about the state of the property
It helps to maintain a safe and compliant building
The survey allows building owners and occupiers to proactively plan and manage necessary repairs and maintenance work
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Why choose Quatrefoils for your stock condition survey?


We have a deep understanding of building construction, materials, and regulations, which enables us to identify potential issues and recommend appropriate solutions.


We adhere to a strict code of ethics and conduct, which ensures that our clients receive the highest level of service and professionalism


We ensure that the survey is conducted in compliance with all relevant regulations, standards, and guidelines


As a company of Chartered Surveyors, we provide an independent and objective assessment of the property’s condition. This is important as it helps to ensure that any issues are identified and addressed in an unbiased and impartial manner


By identifying potential issues early on, we can help to prevent them from becoming more serious and expensive to fix in the long run. This can help to save costs and minimise unexpected expenses

Overall, hiring a company of Chartered Surveyors like Quatrefoils for a stock condition survey ensures that the survey is conducted accurately, professionally, and in compliance with all relevant regulations and standards. It can help to identify potential issues early on, which can save costs in the long term and ensure that the property is well-maintained and compliant.

Overview of the stock condition survey

The key tasks of a stock condition survey include:


inspection of the property’s internal and external condition


of compliance-related issues such as health and safety and fire safety


of current and potential repair and maintenance needs


of a comprehensive report with clear and actionable recommendations

The benefits of a stock condition survey include:


understanding of the current state of repair and maintenance of the property


to plan future repairs and maintenance works effectively


of any potential compliance-related issues and recommended solutions


asset management and cost control

Our reports provide a comprehensive assessment of a property’s condition – not to be confused with a schedule of condition survey (see FAQs below). For an independent residential property, a typical breakdown of our report may include:

Summary of the property:

We would start with an initial summary, providing details of location, layout, use class & overview of it’s construction. 

Executive Summary

This crucial section will highlight any significant issues and the main important points of the report. 

Construction and Condition Assessment

A deep dive assessment of the property construction and condition, looking at structural integrity, material conditions, maintenance requirements & the condition of key building components e.g. roofs, walls, floors, windows & doors. 

Repair and Maintenance Recommendations

Based on the assessment findings, this section would provide recommendations for repairs, maintenance or improvements.

Legal Matters & Budget Costs

We would highlight any specific legal matters for your attention, this could cover matters with existing tenants, rights of way / easements or other legal matter. We can also provide budget costs and a schedule of repairs if required.

Stock condition surveys help you know your property
stock condition reports are critical

Frequently asked questions

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