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Listed Building Surveys and Historic Building Surveys

Identify structural issues and defects
Offer conservation advice
Preserve for future generations
Identify structural issues and defects
Offer conservation advice
Preserve for future generations

Introduction to listed building surveys and historic buildings survey

Discover the rich heritage and beauty of listed and historic buildings with the expert guidance of our chartered surveying practice. With a passion for preserving the past and protecting the future, we offer a bespoke service tailored to meet the unique needs of every client. Our aim is to ensure that the history and character of your building is maintained for generations to come. 

Listed and historic buildings are the embodiment of our collective cultural identity, and it is our privilege to be the guardians of their preservation.

Historic building survey

When might you need a listed building survey & historic building survey?

Your property is listed or has significant historical, architectural, or cultural value.

You need to understand & comply with the strict regulations and guidelines set by heritage organisations and government bodies.

You are planning alterations, renovations, or repairs to the property & need to find cost-effective solutions whilst respecting the building’s historical significance.

You want to balance the need for modern amenities & services, whilst preserving the historical character of the building.

You are considering purchasing a listed property and need more information about its condition and any associated costs or restrictions.

Why choose Quatrefoils for my listed & historic building survey?


Our expertise in conducting surveys of listed buildings and structures is extensive.


Our understanding and ability to perceive the unique features of listed and historic buildings is well-informed.


We have a tremendous passion for historic buildings and appreciate the significance of their preservation


We use the latest technology, such as drones and specialised cameras to thoroughly investigate the history of buildings that we survey


Our RICS-accredited surveyors excel in conducting detailed surveys for listed and historic buildings

Overview of the listed building surveys and historic building surveys

Listed and historic buildings hold significant cultural and historical value, and surveying these structures requires specialised knowledge and expertise. As a chartered surveying practice, we understand the unique challenges and complexities involved in surveying listed and historic buildings. Our team of expert surveyors has extensive experience in this field and can provide comprehensive building survey services tailored to your specific needs.

Our dedicated team understand the key considerations when surveying listed and historic buildings. Some of these include:

Understanding of Historical Significance: Listed and historic buildings often have architectural or cultural significance, and the survey must take into account the unique features and history of the structure.
Building Characteristics: These buildings are often older, and therefore may have different construction methods and materials, which can affect the way they are surveyed.
Preservation Requirements: Listed buildings often have specific preservation requirements and restrictions, and any work or alterations must be carried out in a way that respects their historical significance and character.
Access Challenges: Many listed and historic buildings have limited access and areas that are difficult to inspect, making it challenging to carry out a comprehensive survey.

Some of the most common professional services we offer working with listed and historic buildings include:-

Condition Surveys: This type of survey provides a comprehensive overview of the condition of the building, including any structural or building defects.
Building Pathology Surveys: This service focuses on identifying and diagnosing any issues or problems with the building's structure, including dampness, wood rot, and other issues.
Building Conservation Surveys: This service provides in-depth analysis of the building's historical and architectural significance, as well as recommendations for preserving its character and integrity.
Project Management: We offer project management services for clients who are undertaking renovations, restorations, or other works to their listed or historic buildings. Our team of surveyors will oversee the project from start to finish, ensuring that all work is carried out in a way that respects the building's historical significance and character.
listed building surveys provide valuable information

Frequently asked questions

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