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Measured Survey & 3d Laser Scanning in London

Accurate and detailed information
Efficient and time-saving
Non-invasive and versatile
Accurate and detailed information
Efficient and time-saving
Non-invasive and versatile

Introduction into measured survey & 3d laser scanning

Welcome to our measured survey London services, we offer a wide range of measured survey and 3D laser scanning services. We specialise in delivering high-quality measured building surveys that offer an accurate representation of your property, ensuring you have detailed floor plans, elevations and sections. Our commitment to precision and efficiency is reinforced by our utilisation of the latest Laser Scanning technology, specifically the industry-leading Faro 3D Laser Scanning equipment.

As Quatrefoils often act as the principal designer for construction projects, ensuring accuracy in the existing configuration of buildings is of paramount importance to ensure we have accurate data from the outset. A measured building survey from our experienced team goes beyond traditional methods, as we employ advanced laser scanning techniques to rapidly and precisely measure both the interior and exterior of your property. By doing so, we significantly reduce the time spent on-site while minimising disruptions to your activities.

Our comprehensive measured surveys serve as an invaluable asset for various purposes. Accurate internal representations of the building aid in understanding its layout and spatial arrangements, providing a solid foundation for decision-making, design, and planning processes.

Additionally, elevation data proves vital when considering modifications to building envelopes or complying with planning regulations. With our detailed plans and drawings, you gain a holistic view of your property, enabling you to make informed choices confidently.

By opting for our measured building and topographical surveys, you can be assured of obtaining the most accurate data possible, without the risk of human errors.

Our team’s expertise and our cutting-edge equipment ensure that the information we provide is reliable, up-to-date, and tailored to your specific requirements. We take pride in delivering exceptional service, exceeding expectations, and offering you peace of mind throughout the surveying process.

Whether you are a homeowner, architect, housing association, local authority, property developer, or construction professional, our measured surveys and 3D laser scanning services are designed to benefit you. As always, you can rely on Quatrefoils to deliver fast, accurate, and comprehensive data, empowering you to make informed decisions and move forward with your projects confidently.

Contact us today to discuss your measured survey requirements and let our team of experts assist you in getting there. 

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What is a measured survey & 3d laser scanning?

A Measured Survey provides an in-depth examination of a building’s physical features through precise measurements and detailed data collection. This type of survey is a vital step in ensuring the accuracy of building designs, plans and renovations.

The survey covers both internal and external aspects of the property, capturing all structural elements such as walls, doors, windows, columns, beams, floor levels, and heights. Having an accurate representation of the building space to scale allows for better planning and decision-making throughout the design and construction process, avoiding potential issues such as increased costs and delays due to missing or inaccurate data.

Why use Quatrefoils for your measured survey & 3D laser scanning?

Quatrefoils offers accurate and reliable measured survey and 3D laser scanning services
The company uses advanced equipment and techniques to provide detailed information about buildings and structures
3D laser scanning technology is faster and more efficient than traditional surveying methods, saving clients time and money
Quatrefoils ensures that surveys meet all relevant regulations and standards
Clients can benefit from advanced technology, expert surveyors, and a commitment to accuracy and compliance
Single point of contact - a one stop shop for your measure survey & design needs.

Overview of the measured survey & 3d laser scanning

At Quatrefoils we utilise and adhere to the guidance notes set out by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) providing our clients with quality assurance. 

Measured Building Surveys are a highly precise and accurate evaluation of your property’s dimensions and features. Our team provides a comprehensive and tailored scope of work to ensure that we gather all the necessary information specific to your requirements, whether it’s for redevelopment, occupancy, or maintenance purposes.

Before the survey begins, our team will visit your site or carry out a desktop study and conduct a thorough and systematic evaluation of your building/s. The measured survey would be ‘fit for purpose’ and where required include both internal and external areas. Using the latest laser measuring technology, including handheld laser measuring device, total station or 3D point cloud scanners and even a traditional tape measure. Our skilled and experienced surveyors will capture every detail of your property, including walls, columns, doors, windows, floor levels, heights, and beams.

At every project, our team strives to improve and enhance their skills and knowledge to deliver exceptional surveying services that meet and exceed your expectations. Whether you need to create a new set of drawings or correct existing ones, our Measured Building Survey services provide the accuracy and reliability you need to make informed decisions.

Frequently asked questions

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