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Schedule of condition

Protecting property owners & occupiers to avoid disputes
Peace of mind knowing the condition has been recorded
Latest technology & High Definition Content
Protecting property owners & occupiers to avoid disputes
Peace of mind knowing the condition has been recorded
Latest technology & High Definition Content

A schedule of condition is a comprehensive (traditionally) written and photographic document that captures the precise condition of a building at a specific moment in time. It provides an accurate representation of the current state of the building elements and areas, serving as a benchmark for future reference. 

Schedule of condition introduction

At Quatrefoils we understand the importance of accurately documenting the condition of a property. Our team of chartered surveyors bring a wealth of expertise to deliver precise and comprehensive schedules of condition, providing peace of mind for both landlords, tenants, key stakeholders and occupiers alike. Let us help you protect your property interests, avoid potential future conflicts or disputes with our exceptional schedule of condition service. 

Schedule of condition service with drone

In addition to the traditional written & photographic schedule of condition, Quatrefoils are heavily promoting, pioneering and developing and offering our clients a video schedule of condition service, using modern technology and high-definition video & photographic capture with voice-over narration, we are able to capture a superior level of detail and accuracy compared with traditional methods. This option is also more cost-effective for customers as office administration time is reduced. With a number of our surveyors also licensed drone pilots, we utilise our own in-house drone for accurate drone surveys of roofs and high level – hard to access areas.

Schedule of condition survey
schedule of condition

Key benefits of Schedules of Condition: 

Liability for alleged disrepair or alterations at the end of a lease

Avoiding disputes or disagreements with the landlord at the end of a lease

Protection to both the building owner and adjoining owner in relation to works carried out under the Party Wall etc. Act

Preserving the tenant’s financial resources and minimising time spent resolving disputes.

Obtaining a clear understanding of the building’s current state before signing a lease

Providing basis for negotiations regarding future maintenance responsibilities. 

Minimising legal costs associated with resolving disputes over the state of a building. 

Helping to manage and prioritise future maintenance needs and costs.

Securing peace of mind and protection against potential liabilities.

Providing a record to employer & contractor of the existing condition of a property & accessed areas prior to the commencement of works. 

Why use Quatrefoils for your schedule of condition survey?


We use modern technology and are ahead of the curve

Video reports

Our reports are video & photographic with voiceover narration have improved accuracy 


We have years of experience creating schedule of conditions surveys


Ensure the reports are very detailed and capture all required areas tailored to suit the purpose and client requirements. 

Who might need a SoC: 

Commercial & Residential property owners and tenants
Property investors and developers
Landlords and tenants of residential properties
Building and facilities managers
Local authorities and government agencies
Insurance companies and loss adjusters
Property management companies
Historic and listed building owners
Schools, universities, and other educational institutions
Healthcare facilities and hospitals
schedule of condition roof inspection

This service can be useful for those who own, manage or occupy residential or commercial properties and for those who are involved in property transactions, maintenance, and renovation planning. By having a clear understanding of the current condition of a building, you can make informed decisions about it’s future, avoid disputes and prevent issues arising. 

Overview of the schedule of condition service

A Schedule of Condition survey provides an accurate assessment of the current condition of a building and identifies any issues that need to be addressed. This information is valuable for a range of purposes, including asset management, maintenance planning, property investment, dispute resolution, building compliance, and repair and renovation planning. By undertaking a Schedule of Condition survey, you can make informed decisions about the future of your property, ensuring its longevity, safety, and compliance with regulations.

Our team of experienced Chartered Building Surveyors carry out a thorough and detailed inspection of the building, creating a report that accurately captures its current condition. Key tasks and duties of the survey include:


of all accessible areas of the building, including roof spaces, basements, and service areas.

Tailored Approach

to look at a particular area or areas only, for example, close to a neighbouring property where building work is happening. 


of the condition of all fixtures and fittings, including bathrooms, kitchens, heating systems, and electrical installations


of any issues that need to be addressed, such as damp and moisture problems, structural issues, roofing problems, and fire safety issues


of the current condition of the building, including photographs, sketches, and written descriptions


of a detailed report or video presentation with narration that provides a clear and concise summary of the findings, including recommendations for repairs and maintenance measures (if required). 

Frequently asked questions

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